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Are you someone who is a big fan of the roller derby league? Do you fantasize yourself of being a manager of a roller derby team and managing the greatest players available? In that case, what you are looking for is a fantasy team simulator of some sort. That is something that can be provided by this fantasy roller derby league for you to experience. So do remember to check it out once in a while, especially at the start of the season.

The Rules

Like any other fantasy sports leagues, the Fantasy Roller Derby allocates a certain amount of points to your budget. This budget is constant for all the other players as well and cannot be increased or decreased in any way. What you need to do with this given budget is to use all the points and make yourself an entire team. All the other roller derby teams made by other managers will also have been made by the same rules.

So you will have to pick and choose all the players until you have made yourself the team that you want. You can also make changes to your team before each match day. However, you cannot change more than one roller derby player per match day. So pick your starting team very carefully. There are also a bunch of special options that you can use once per season. Each of these options contributes to making this fantasy league something of a unique experience.

Why should you visit this website?

One of the most important reasons why you should pay a visit to this website at least once is because it great. There are a lot of players who play roller derby fantasy leagues. So it is no surprise that it’s so cool for finishing first out of all the players present. Not only that, if you are a big fan of Roller Derby, then you will find this website to be nothing less than a treasury.

There are tons of archives and videos and other interesting things that a fan like you will undoubtedly enjoy. Also, there is no price to pay for taking part in this competition. Signing up is completely free, and this gives more of a reason why you should join in as well. And if you are someone playing roller derby already, then you should encourage more people to come pay a visit as well.

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